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Senior Pet-izen – Does your older dog need to go! go! go! all the time?

So you have a senior pet-izen huh?

It seems like it was just yesterday he was a young, vibrant, active dog sole, but now he’s moving a little slower, eating a little less, and not moving around like he used to.  You remember when he could “hold it” for 8 hours at a time, now he needs to go every couple of hours or you might find a puddle on the floor and a doggie sitting in the corner looking like he just got scolded.  Really he can’t help it, he just can’t hold it like he used to :-(

Your Dog need to pee! Now What?!

Well, first you should have a visit with the vet to make sure there is no infection (urinary tract infection, etc) or other issue causing the over-active bladder.  If the vet clears your pup and tells you that it’s just part of the aging process then you need to make some changes. When you are at home you need to make more frequent trips out with your pup.  Having them hold their bladder for too long at a time will cause other problems.  If you work away from home you may need to make arrangements to come home for lunch to let Fido out for a “potty break” or you can hire a pet sitter.

How Can the Pet Sitter Help?

The pet sitter can be your senior pet-izen’s best friend!  The sitter can come in once (or multiple times if you choose) a day to take your pup for a walk or simply let him out for his potty break.  Your doggie will be happier as all he wants to do is please you!  He definitely does NOT want to disappoint you with a wet surprise on the floor when you get home after a long day at work.  You will be happy because your best friend is happy!

In summary, as your pet ages you may have to spend a little more time taking care of him.  Old age is NOT a disease, but just a fact of life.  Dogs, just like humans, need extra love and care as they get older.

Here’s to loving your OLD DOG! :-)

Thanks to John Wren with Starkey Mortgage for the post idea!

Brought to you by Trisha Stetzel, owner, Fetch! Pet Care of Clear Lake

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Short List of Great Puppy Training Books

Just for you Thanks to Fetch! Pet Care of Clear Lake

1.  The Culture Clash by Jean Donaldson

Jean Donaldson’s book explains not only how to train your dog, but also why your dog behaves the way he does.

2.  Before and After Getting Your Puppy by Dr. Ian Dunbar

This book tells you everything you need to know about training a puppy and setting him up for a lifetime of good behavior.

3.  The Power of Positive Dog Training by Pat Miller

In The Power of Positive Dog Training, author and dog trainer Pat Miller explains the concept of training a dog usingpositive reinforcement.

4.  Don’t Shoot the Dog by Karen Pryor

In this book, the author presents a clear-cut explanation of positive reinforcement. She offers sound training and behavior advice that works on everyone, not just dogs.

5.  Living with Kids and Dogs… Without Losing Your Mind by Colleen Pelar

As anyone who has shared their home with both dogs and children can tell you, it’s not as easy as it they make it look on television! This book will help you live safely and happily with family members of both the two- and four-legged variety.

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Why Does My Dog Do That?


Messy Chi

We get questions similar to this one all the time!  And the answer…well, it depends.  First, you need to do a little inventory.  Does Fido have enough activity in his day or is he just bored? Does Fido have a little separation anxiety?  When you leave the house do you make a big deal about it?  Does your dog need more exercise during the day?


Most of the time dogs “get into trouble” during the day when you are not home because they are simply bored.  In general we are not giving our dogs the proper amount of exercise they need in order to “relax” during the day.  The proper amount of daily exercise really depends on the breed, age, and health of your dog, but 30 to 60 minutes is about average.  Sending them out into the backyard on their own is NOT exercise!  Here is a newsflash for you – EXERCISE IS GOOD FOR YOU TOO!  The time you spend exercising with your dog is great bonding time for the two of you!  Take a walk first thing in the morning, or play “fetch” in the back yard for a few minutes.  I promise, if you start a regular routine of exercising with your dog you will notice the difference in their behavior when you are away from home.

DOG WALKER?!?! Bike Dog Walker

If you just don’t have the time you can always hire a dog walker or trainer to come during the day to play with Fido!  This is a great way to break up their day and give them some undivided playtime with a human!  Pet Sitters International (www.petsit.com) and National Association of Professional Petsitters (www.petsitters.org) are great places to search for a local dog walker in your area.


Beagle in Fridge

Some dogs do have mild to severe separation anxiety that could be caused by many things – mostly the owner :-).  If your dog has some separation anxiety, taking some of these steps could help or just seek the advise of a local dog trainer.  Don’t make a big deal when you leave.  Try to have a routine like giving a treat, stuffed KONG treat, etc, say goodby and just leave.  You may want to practice leaving for only a few minutes at first and take longer trips away from home as things progress.  Don’t make a big deal when you get home.  Let them calm down before you greet them. Kennel training is another option.  Please keep in mind the kennel is NOT punishment, it is simply a safe place for your pup to stay while you are away.  It keeps him from tearing things up AND prevents ingestion of inappropriate items!

I hope this helps with your “naughty” furry kid!  Give them the exercise, attention, and routine they need and you will be rewarded!

Thank you to John Wren with Starkey Mortgage for sending in this question.

Trisha Stetzel, Owner

Fetch! Pet Care of Clear Lake


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Photos Of Cats Hugging Humans

 Great pics from Inquisitr

These Cute Photos Of Cats Hugging Humans Prove They Too Give Back The Love They Receive

Cats Too Show Emotions
Cats have many attributes that make them a good companion. However, it is commonly assumed that cats consider themselves a little too elite to wholeheartedly love back their human owners. They say a dog loves his human family, but a cat loves the home and treats its human masters as mere providers of shelter and sustenance. However, there are quite a few examples that prove cats too are capable of displaying genuine emotion. These photos serve to be a strong reminder that cats too can display their love for their human companions.

A Hug From A Cat Is Sure To Leave You Feeling All Cozy

A Hug From A Cat Is Sure To Leave You Feeling All Cozy

Cats often suffer from stress because many owners treat them like dogs, reports theTelegraph. These ill-advised owners expect cats to be thoroughly domesticated, to enjoy being petted and to be relaxed about sharing their living space, says Dr. John Bradshaw. But what they do not understand is that dolling out affection may not necessarily make it feel more content.

A Cat's Purr Is Therapeutic

A Cat’s Purr Is Therapeutic

It’s all about recognizing the needs of the cats and realizing they are not just wildly different from us humans, but they do not share much with dogs – the other most common house-pet.

Cats Do Not Crave AS Much Attention As Dogs

Cats Do Not Crave As Much Attention As Dogs

If the owners started to treat cats different from dogs, the cats will flourish physically and mentally as well. These positive changes will then manifest themselves into affection reciprocated or reflected by the cat, say animal behaviorists.

Cats Love Their Humans, But Do Not Show It AS Often As Dogs

Cats Love Their Humans, But Do Not Show It As Often As Dogs

Cats have never been able to completely adapt to the domestication process, unlike dogs, who seem to have wholeheartedly accepted the process of being adopted as a pet.

If Taken Time To Understand Their Needs, Cats Can Be Excellent Companions

If Taken Time To Understand Their Needs, Cats Can Be Excellent Companions

Though it is common consensus that cats are much less demanding than dogs, it is not true.

Cats Have Never Been Completely Domesticated Like Dogs

Cats Have Never Been Completely Domesticated Like Dogs

But, unlike the common misconception that cats often become hostile, these feline creatures can be quite companionable and interesting.

Give Them Privacy And Cats Will Love You For It

Give Them Privacy And Cats Will Love You For It

Though cats love to be groomed and petted, they do not adore perpetual companionship. Dogs on the other hand do not mind being surrounded by their owners.

A Cat Is As Good As A Friends As A Dog

A Cat Is As Good As A Friends As A Dog

Another interesting aspect about cats is they do not gel well with other cats. You might be instant friends with your just-moved-in neighbors, but cats may be enemies for as long as they live.

Wait For The Cat To Accept You. Do not Force The Relation

Wait For The Cat To Accept You. Do Not Force The Relation

As a human though, you can certainly win their affection with patience and love.

A Cats Breathing And Purring Will Help Babies Sleep Better

A Cat’s Breathing And Purring Helps Babies Sleep Better

Most important for a cat, apart from food, is their independence. Respect their space and privacy and they will reward you with the sweet and gratifying purr.

Cats Are Capable Of Reciprocating Love, But Do Not Push Them To

Cats Are Capable Of Reciprocating Love, Just Do Not Push Them To

[Image Credit | Facebook]


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