Spring Forward with Your Pets

It’s finally getting warm during the day! Now’s the time to get your pets exercising again, it has been a very long winter and I’m guessing you and your pets have taken a few days off from regular exercise.

Here are a few tips to get you and your pet moving again in preparation for summer!

1) How about getting your pup on the treadmill – good for days when it’s raining. It will take a few practice runs, but most can quickly be taught to accept a treadmill. I’ve seen a few cats enjoy a romp on the treadmill too!
2) Doggy Yoga – yes, I said it, Doggy Yoga or Doga. There are several places around town that offer classes for you and your dog – search the internet!
3) Your dog needs mental and physical stimulation – try agility! Several of the dog parks offer equipment for agility training. You can also find agility classes around town – again, check on line for one near you.
4) What about a walk in the park? Or a run at the dog park? Try it – you and Fido will love it!
5) Canine Camp – many of the boarding facilities offer day camp. Or you could hire a dogwalker to come take your pup for a long afternoon walk while you are at work!
6) For all you kitty cat owners out there, find their favorite toy, laser, feather, or string and get your cats movin’!

Here’s hoping summer is right around the corner!

Fetch! Pet Care of Clear Lake

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