Is Your Cat a Good Candidate for a Leash?

Yes, I said it…how about a walk with your cat?

Leash training is much easier if you start when your kitten is young. The adjustment is easier and a harness can become “normal” to the kitten after some practice. Not all cats are good candidates for a harness and leash. These furry friends are better at home, indoors, where they are comfortable. For those kitties who can handle a harness and aren’t afraid of the outside world, going for walks can be great mental and physical exercise.

When getting your kitten used to the harness, take it slow. Start with a safe room, make the harness a positive experience, and only start with the harness. Make sure your kitten gets used to wearing the harness before leashing and dashing outside.

If you would like more tips on harnessing and leashing your kitten check out “The Cat Bible” by Tracie Hotchner.

Fetch! Pet Care of Clear Lake

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