Puppy Potty Training Tips

So you brought a new puppy home? And now you are challenged with potty training?! Here are a few tips to keep your sanity as you wade your way through house breaking your new friend.

Establishing a routine when you first bring him home is key. Take some time off if you can. Two weeks is not enough to house train a new pup, but it’s a great start!

Pick a pee spot and stick to it. Each time you take your puppy out, take her to the same spot for potty breaks. Leash your pup if needed to keep track of their eliminations.

Choose a “go” word. Consistency is the key. If you choose to say “go potty”, then use that phrase each time you go out.

Positive praise is a must! If they make their business, give lots of love and treats!

If needed, keep him on a leash with you in the house. This eliminates him from “eliminating” in the house unsupervised!

Watch her body language. You will learn the signs of “I gotta go potty” from your pup quickly. Common signs are sneaking away, circling, squatting, sniffing at the door, and whining.

When you can’t keep your pup on a leash and with you, use a crate. Crates are fantastic tools for house breaking pups and keeps them out of dangerous situations when you are not supervising them.

Don’t punish AFTER the accident. You are too late by then. If you catch them in the act, correct them and praise for the right action. Do NOT punish!

Paitience is a VIRTUE! Potty training a pup is like potty training a child, they all learn at different speeds. Hang in there and have fun with your new pup!
Compliments of
Fetch! Pet Care of Clear Lake

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