Pet First Aid Awareness Month

Join the celebration! Pet Tech is the first International Training Center dedicated to developing and providing premium CPR, First Aid & Care programs for pet parents and Pet Care Professionals. We are proud to announce our 15th Annual Pet First Aid Awareness MonthTM and we welcome all pet lovers to participate.

Pet First Aid Awareness Month emphasizes the importance of education and training and being a caring, conscientious, responsible and loving pet parent and Pet Care Professional during April and all through the year! Our theme for this year’s Pet First Aid Awareness Month 2014 (April 1-30) is “Don’t Learn By Accident…Let’s

Prevent 1 Million Pet ER Visits!”

Pet First Aid is the immediate care given to a pet that has been injured or suddenly take ill. This includes home care and when necessary veterinary help. Knowing the skills and techniques of pet first aid can mean the difference between life and death; temporary and permanent disability; and expensive veterinarian bills and reasonable home care. It is estimated that 1- out-of-4 more pets could be saved if just one basic skill or technique was applied before receiving veterinary care.

Along with our ongoing message, this year, we want to emphasize prevention and the importance of being proactive in your pet’s health. Don’t Learn By

Accident…Let’s Prevent 1 Million Pet ER Visits is about taking the initiative and being prepared with the skills and knowledge to eliminate preventable accidents.

Together with our Partners we are “Improving the Quality of Pets’ Lives, One Pet Parent, One Click and One App and one eBook at a Time.TM” Our message, as always, will highlight the importance of learning the necessary skills of CPR, first aid and care for our four-legged, furry, family members. Now, thanks to technology we can have access to the information when we need it whether we are at home, hiking in the woods or on vacation.

This year we would like to highlight our online training and eBook series.

Our Pet First Aid Awareness Month Campaign will include international, regional and local events that will make an impact on pets all over the world. Help us convey our message! This e-kit is full of information and ideas on how you can participate and help pets and pet parents everywhere.

By joining together we can make a difference! We have included some promotional ideas and suggested guidelines for a successful event. Now it’s our turn to show our appreciation to all the pets in our lives for the joy and love they unconditionally give us everyday! 

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