Who Will Care for Your Pet When You Leave for the Holidays this Year?

Choosing the right care of your pet is important!

Many of us love our cats and dogs as much (or more) than we love our kids. Who takes care of your furry kids when you leave town? Do you use a boarding facility, a neighbor, a family member, or a pet sitter?

In many cases an in-home pet sitter is the right choice for your four-legged friend, especially if they prefer to stay home in their own environment. Staying in a familiar place is important and can help avoid nervousness, upset tummies, and missed meals.

How do you choose the right pet sitter for your pet?

Your pet sitter should be bonded and insured and have pet care training. The pet sitter should always be willing and schedule a consultation with you and your pet. This consultation is the perfect time to see if the sitter and the pet make a good match! This is also the best time to show the sitter the full routine for your pet.

When you are interviewing companies and sitters for your pet, find out what kind of training they have. Is it basic pet care? What about First Aid skills and training? Even better – they might just be PetSaver trained, which entails Pet First Aid, CPR, Rescue Breathing, Choking Management, and many other skills necessary to help prevent disasters in the case of emergencies.

Bottom line for your pet care needs – chose the right kind of care and do a thorough interview of that company and pet care professional before hiring them!

More information about pet sitting can be found at http://www.fetchpetcare.com/clearlake. Information about PetSaver training and classes can be researched at http://www.pettech.net

Trisha Stetzel
Owner, Fetch! Pet Care of Clear Lake

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