The Most Personal Blog Post You Will Ever Read From Me… How do you know when to stop doing CPR on your dog or cat?

This is a beautiful story written by a great friend of mine about one of her best four-legged friends. Totally worth the time to read!

Dallas Pet CPR & First Aid Education

(Long post, but worth every word!)

Simple Answer: You don’t unless you’re forced too.

Ask anyone who has been in the position of the “rescuer” performing the adrenaline pumping whirlwind procedure of CPR on a beloved pet and they will tell you how incredibly time-altering it is.

Although I have told this story in my classes, this will be the first time since that fateful day that I have told his story in the written word and the first time telling complete strangers on social media. I promise that although this pains me to write, even in brief detail, I do not want you to cry with me… I tell you his story so that you can learn from him… Our mission to change and improve pet’s lives will live on through his story…

ElvisThe Story of Burt

Burt was unique to say the least.

Burt was utterly amazing to…

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