Senior Pet-izen – Does your older dog need to go! go! go! all the time?

So you have a senior pet-izen huh?

It seems like it was just yesterday he was a young, vibrant, active dog sole, but now he’s moving a little slower, eating a little less, and not moving around like he used to.  You remember when he could “hold it” for 8 hours at a time, now he needs to go every couple of hours or you might find a puddle on the floor and a doggie sitting in the corner looking like he just got scolded.  Really he can’t help it, he just can’t hold it like he used to 😦

Your Dog need to pee! Now What?!

Well, first you should have a visit with the vet to make sure there is no infection (urinary tract infection, etc) or other issue causing the over-active bladder.  If the vet clears your pup and tells you that it’s just part of the aging process then you need to make some changes. When you are at home you need to make more frequent trips out with your pup.  Having them hold their bladder for too long at a time will cause other problems.  If you work away from home you may need to make arrangements to come home for lunch to let Fido out for a “potty break” or you can hire a pet sitter.

How Can the Pet Sitter Help?

The pet sitter can be your senior pet-izen’s best friend!  The sitter can come in once (or multiple times if you choose) a day to take your pup for a walk or simply let him out for his potty break.  Your doggie will be happier as all he wants to do is please you!  He definitely does NOT want to disappoint you with a wet surprise on the floor when you get home after a long day at work.  You will be happy because your best friend is happy!

In summary, as your pet ages you may have to spend a little more time taking care of him.  Old age is NOT a disease, but just a fact of life.  Dogs, just like humans, need extra love and care as they get older.

Here’s to loving your OLD DOG! 🙂

Thanks to John Wren with Starkey Mortgage for the post idea!

Brought to you by Trisha Stetzel, owner, Fetch! Pet Care of Clear Lake

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