Pet Manners in Public – What You Need to Know!

IMG_0568Some rules of “petiquette” from the experts:

Don’t confuse manners with laws: Having your pooch on a leash and making sure licenses and vaccines are up to date are requirements in most municipalities.

There also may be laws requiring cleaning up after your dog, aka “pooper scooper” laws.

Owners should research regulations not only for their municipality but also any public place. (Trained hearing or service dogs are usually permitted to accompany their owners wherever the public is allowed.)

Street sense: The website of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals offers tips for walking your dog. (go to and search for “walking 101”). Keep Fido off the neighbors’ lawns and gardens. Also use a leash that allows the dog space to roam but isn’t too long.

“The well-trained city dog needs to respond to a minimum of four basic commands: ‘sit-stay,’ ‘heel,’ ‘leave it’ and ‘come,'” the website notes. Great article – read more here

Fetch! Pet Care of Clear Lake can help reinforce the commands you are teaching!

We provide pet sitting and dog walking in Pearland, Friendswood and the Clear Lake area TX.

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