Sick & Tired of Counting Calories

Was I sick and tired of counting calories you ask?  Yes!  Yes I was!  I tried every free app on my phone available.  They all work, but the problem was when there was a missing item from the database and I had to search for the data to enter it – tiring, I’d “do it later” forget and two meals would pass.  Then….I couldn’t remember what I had for breakfast!  Ridiculous right?!?! Well, not in my world!
So about 2 months ago my husband ordered the P90X3 workout DVDs and these cool, colored containers came with the nutrition plan.IMG_1085  At first it seemed difficult, but after taking a few minutes to read through the plan, this was THE answer to my calorie counting/tracking problem!  It’s so easy!  Find your “optimal” calorie intake for your situation and the instructions tell you exactly how many times you should fill each container every day!  What a concept – no calorie counting and you have built in portion control with the containers.  I had to buy my own set 🙂  I love it and by the way – if you are eating clean like you should – this is a TON of food!!!  Bottom line – I’ll never need an app to count calories again! 🙂

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