My Treadmill Makes a Great Laundry Line

So you’ve tried everything too?  Yea, that was my story about 90 days ago…..

Does your DVD library contain every workout on the planet?  Mine too!  I tried every home-workout there was to buy over the years and none of them kept me motivated.  About 3 years ago I started riding a bicycle that I bought for $98.  I didn’t want to spend too much money because we have workout benches, treadmill, Total Gym, etc etc etc gathering dust in the garage.  That $98 bicycle was the best purchase I ever made!  I rode that bicycle for almost 2 years, 5 days a week before my husband bought me a real bike :-).  The bike riding kick started my journey to a full life-style change.  The ‘change’ to take care of myself!

I lost 20+lbs over the two years I was riding my bike, but my hip started giving me problems and I was weak in my upper body so I started searching for something new.  I tried kayaking – loved it, but transporting it was not easy! I tried “winging it” in our garage “gym” space – that didn’t last.  Then I found a program I loved – 60 day DVD program.  JM kept me motivated for 60 days and I was getting stronger and building muscle.  Then the program ended….

My husband suggested P90X3 – Yea, he’s a P90 freak!  I didn’t like those programs, too long, too hard.  I tried T25 – too much jumping around.  I was NOT interested!  He really pushed this P90X3 on me and kept telling me it was like the program I had just finished and that I would love it – I was skeptical of course!

Anyway, as you can guess, I tried it.  I LOVED IT! And now, I’m in my Victory week of that program.  I did it! 90 Days and my body has really changed!  I have muscles in places I didn’t know even had muscles!  I am so happy and I love my body!  I can’t wait to start my next program 21 Day Fix Extreme!  More to come…..

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