Just Wow! Did I really do it?

This is my journey….


It has taken me a long time to be brave enough to publicly present a “before” picture, which, by the way, is the picture of me in the black top and shorts.  I know, I know – BEFORE? Really? Yes, really.  This is my “before” picture for the current program I am working on – 21 Day Fix Extreme – and will finish next week.  I really look forward to posting my “after” pics!

Now that I have that out of the way, let’s chat about that OTHER picture of me in a blue striped shirt….A few days ago my husband and I were talking about how much progress we’ve made over the last year or so with our fitness and nutrition and how, now that we are in our mid-forties, it HAS to be a lifestyle and not just something we do every once-in-a-while.  We started reminiscing about how bad we had treated our bodies during our 30’s when it was so easy to recover from missing the gym for weeks at a time (and use the drive through for dinner 3+ nights a week).  We always had a gym membership – Sign up, go once, continue to pay for the entire year, show up after New Years like everyone else, pay, don’t go – you know the cycle.  We decided we were likely at our “happiest” when we lived in Seattle, WA in the mid 2000s   We had the perfect house, great paying jobs, our kiddo was in junior high, we enjoyed boating and EATING…and not exercising – who needs it?!?

So today I went on a mission looking for those pictures of our happiest moments from that great period in our lives.  I had to open the fire box and dig through a pile of picture CDs that I filed away years ago.  Then I had to find the CD/DVD player for my laptop and load up the pics…..I started with 2004, not too bad.  Then….2005, yup that’s the year, the year this picture was taken.  If I remember right I was just under 160lbs, which didn’t seem all that bad at the time.  I knew if I buckled down I could shed the weight, no problem.  But there was a problem, I just didn’t have “time” to buckle down and get to the gym or even think about eating right.

I honestly didn’t start doing anything about my weight or my health until about four years ago.  Our son graduated and left for the Coast Guard, my business was growing, my husband was traveling for work full time, and I suddenly became my mother’s sole care-giver!  I needed to make a change for me so I could be the best wife, mom, daughter, and care-giver I could be.

We live in near Galveston, TX now, so outdoor activities can go on almost 10 months out of the year.  I started riding my bike, and for about 2 years it helped me shed some of the excess weight and get on a regular exercise routine.  I was still lacking strength and proper nutrition….that’s a whole story by itself!

During my bicycle affair, my husband was traveling for work full time and started a P90X program, Insanity followed, a hybrid of those two followed that.  He was getting noticeable results, and I was curious (and maybe a little jealous – we are very competitive people).  I tried P90X once – forget that mess!  There was NO WAY I could do one more minute of that program!  So, I purchased and tried every other workout DVD under the sun.  If there is an informercial about it, I have it!  I couldn’t stick with any of them for more than 30 days…UNTIL…..my husband talked me into trying the P90X3 series.  I DID IT!! I did 90 days worth of workouts and proper nutrition (the “before” pic above in black is actually my P90X3 “after” pic)!  I completed this program with the help of an accountability coach – this service was PRICELESS to me (and free by the way!).

I’m not perfect and I love food (and wine).  I really believe that life is about enjoying yourself in moderation.  You can have Sunday pie if you want it, just only do it on Sunday and don’t eat the WHOLE PIE!

So there it is, my story.  I look forward to having more “before” and “after” pics to share, but I never want to go back to that girl in blue!

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