Shakeo – Is it really ALL that?

So you may have heard of it referred to as Shakeo, Shakeology, that shake Beachbody sells, the most expensive shake ever, or “the best thing that ever happened to my family!”

My husband and I have purchased MANY Beachbody workout products over the years…I think the shelf they sit on is starting to sag it’s so heavy 🙂 Anyhow, out of all the products we have purchase since 2008, Shakeology was NOT one of them!  Too expensive, have to wait for shipping, not sure if it would taste good, etc.

Well….about 3 months ago I stubbled onto an opportunity to get a 30 day supply of Shakeology – risk free!  They said I could return the bag, even if it was empty, if I didn’t like it and they would refund ALL of my money!  So I tried it.  Wow, does it taste great!  I loved it so I shared it with my husband and he loved it!  Then we ran out fast than 30 days so we had to order more!  About the time my husband and I had emptied the bag, my mom started asking about it (she’s lived with us for 5 years now).  She said she’d like to try it.  She did and SHE loved it!  We are all hooked – so I know what you are thinking….that is NOT a very compelling story and YOU ARE RIGHT!  Wait for it……

My mom has been drinking Shakeology now for almost 60 days.  She has dropped a significant amount of weight, her digestion is better, AND (get this) she started exercising!!!  She has been short of mobile since she moved here (after full kidney failure which in turn led to respiratory failure, failed attempts at rehab, moving between facilities, and finally landing in a nursing home at the age of 61!).  She uses the “Sit and Be Fit” videos 3-4 times a week – on her own, no intervention from me.  SHE HAS MORE ENERGY AND FEELS BETTER THAN SHE HAS IN 5 FREAKING YEARS!!!

So is Shakeoloy worth the $4 a day – You bet!

Results Xtreme Fitness – Trisha Stetzel, Owner

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