Summer is OVER?

Already?  Can it be true?  Summer is over?  Are you ready to go back to your vacation destination?  How about your vacation self?

Vacation self….what exactly is that?  Well, it’s the relaxed, care-free, smiling self you were while you were on vacation and away from your normal daily routine – THE GRIND.  Let’s concentrate on the “care-free” part of your self on vacation.  It was great right!  All the drinking and eating whatever you wanted?!?! Care-free right?  Until you got home…..

Now the care-free self turns into the OMG-what-have-I-done self!  Did you put on a few pounds?  Have a few too many drinks?  When you put on your work pants/skirt was it too tight and uncomfortable?  Did you have to break out the elastic-waisted ones?

LISTEN – vacation does not have to be that way! If you create good habits with your nutrition and fitness you won’t have a desire to WRECK it when you have some time off or go on vacation!  Good Habits = Life Style Change.

Are you ready to change your life and enjoy your next vacation without feeling like your are being punished when you get back?  Then make a change – change the way you take care of yourself every day!  When you feel “that” good, you will choose to eat healthy and watch what you drink AND even find a way to squeeze your fitness in on vacation!

This picture is me at the end of our 18 day vacation!  I did treat myself to a few yummy things and even had a few drinks, but it was all in moderation.  We even rode our bicycles about 8 miles every day!  You know what!?!? I actually came back feeling better than when I left for vacation – BECAUSE I have made a life-style change and I CHOOSE to be healthy and make healthy decisions 85% of the time 🙂

If you are struggling to find that inner strength to make the change you so desperately want – I can help you…I’ve made all of those mistakes and then some….but I’ve found my happy place and I’m staying there!


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